Viva Italia! Viva Brewfist!

Brewfist are a brewery that, in our opinion, aren’t seen enough over this way… So we got some!
Please give a warm welcome to the new additions to our plentiful fridges:

– Low Gravity Saison, 33cl, 5.0%, £3.40
A ‘low alcohol’ (ha!) saison. This little thing is very dry, using fruity New Zealand hops and locally grown Emmer wheat.

– Space Frontier, 33cl, 6.5%, £3.60
A collaboration IPA, brewed with To Øl from Denmark. This IPA is brewed with grapes and has massive grape and tropical fruit flavours coming through with a big, long-lasting finish.

– Spaceman IPA, 33cl, 7.0%, £3.80
This is Brewfist’s nod to American West Coast IPA. It is dry and super hoppy with big grapefruit, peach and citrus notes.

– Spaghetti Western, 33cl, 8.7%, £4.90
An imperial chocolate coffee stout, brewed in collaboration with Prairie Artisan Ales from Oklahoma in the U.S. This rich and flavoursome beer was actually brewed with a little bit of pasta, but that’s more of a gimmick than an actual flavour additive. Either way, this is a damn tasty beverage!

– Spaghetti Western Grappa barrel, 33cl, 8.7%, £6.70
The above mentioned beer was aged in Grappa barrels and this is the result! This beer is very limited, with a run of only 1092 bottles being released. We only have 12, so get them while you can!

So there you have it. Booze wonderful booze.

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