They’re on the Roof, But They Aint Bunnies!

Happy Thursday folks! Jason here.

I’m sure you all missed me while I was away at the Hawkshead beer festival last week. I expected you would all be roof-watching in my absence, in case anything was amiss and needed reporting. Well imagine my horror when I came back to find that none of you even contacted me about this monstrosity!

I know there has been a spot too much rain for summer, but dolphins on the roof? Crabs and lobsters too? Well that’s just shellfish… (Yes, that was a rubbish, contextless pun.) I’m sure a little perspiration wouldn’t cause such depths of liquid for salt water dwelling mammals to inhabit. They would be better off in the pools within the building, surely?

I might have to clamber up and try my hand at a bit of fishing. Who’s with me?

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