And It’s Sweet, Sweet Sweet Victory, Yeah!

*picture instagramed to **** for your viewing pleasure

No this isn’t an article about Van Halen. It’s about something much better, Awesome American beer at a good price. I’m sure many of you are aware of Victory Brewing from Pennsylvania US, they have given us some fantastic brews such as Storm King, Prima Pils and Hop Devil. Well they have very kindly decided to start exporting two more beers to the UK

First up, Victory Summer Love. A refreshing 5.2% golden ale made with German hops and fresh river water. Before you tuck into this, make sure you take in that noble hoppy nose that has hints of earth and spice coming through at the back. Bloody lush. It has a very clean flavour with plenty of biscuity and earthy malt. Bucket loads of citrusy flavours come through with some slight grassy/floral notes. Imagine sitting with this bad boy on a  sunny Saturday afternoon in our beer garden. £3.50

Next up, Victory Dirt Wolf. A downright huge 8.7% double IPA. This wildy assertive beer blends powerful citrus, piney, earthy and mildy floral characteristics with malty sweetness to create the perfect American IPA. This beer is strong and your tastebuds will know it, yet the incredible smoothness of this beer makes it very drinkable. The lingering bitterness on the finish will have you tasting this beer for the next hour. £4.90

Right, form an orderly queue and let’s get a few cracked open!


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