Steve Johnson’s Funeral

The Funeral Arrangements are: Friday 05 August 2016 @ 10:30am Huddersfield Crematorium followed by a celebration of Steve’s life at The Dog & Partridge Pub at Sowood.

There will be buses to Huddersfield Crematorium.
Bus One (72 Seats): This bus will depart from the bus stop outside The Grove by the Sports Centre enterance on Merton Street at 09:50 and run direct to the Crematoruim.

Bus Two (41 Seats): This bus will depart from outside the Dog & Partridge pub at Sowood at 09:45 and will run direct to the Crematoruim.

Both buses will depart from the Crematorium and run directly to the Dog and Partridge at Sowood for eveeryone to raise a glass in Memory of Steve and join in with a celebration of his life.

PLEASE ENSURE that if you wish to travel on one of the buses that you have added your name to the list behind the bar in eitheer The Grove or Dog & Partridge. Spaces are strictly limited and once the list is full, the bus is full.

Many thanks to Lance Blackman for the provision of the AEC Regent V and to John Wright for the provision of the Dennis Dart.

Please also note that The Grove will not open until 14.00 on this day.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact either Matt Ogden or Tim Pogson.