Shock Horror – Bunnies on the Roof – Part 4

It’s been a little while since the last bunny sighting, so I guessed that I must have been the victim of some cruel prank or that maybe the bunnies had died out. Maybe the council even clambered up there themselves and removed the offending mammals…

Well, imagine my horror after having four days off when I came back to my beloved Grove to see THIS staring at me from across the road! What madness is this!? How could the roof-based ecosystem have come so far in four days!? There appear to be MORE bunnies, plus the plant life has become so overgrown that there appears to be a new community of butterflies. And I’m pretty sure those birds look a little too exotic for Huddersfield…

If this continues, I’m going to have to take a stand. Maybe I’ll paint some placards with phrases like ‘NO MOR BUNNEZ ON ROOF TA’ or ‘BUNNIZ GO HOME’.

Who’s with me?

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