New Featured Beer! Thornbridge Bracia

Our new featured beer is Thornbridge’s deliciously rich ‘Bracia’. This bottle is now reduced by 10% for either drinking in or taking out.

Bracia is the Celtic name for a beverage brewed in Iron Age Europe with reference found on a Roman inscription at Haddon Hall,Derbyshire. Little is known about this except it was high in alcohol, brewed with cereals and, most probably, honey. Thornbridge’s Bracia has been infused with a generous amount of dark and bitter Chestnut Honey. This was sourced by the Head Brewer from bee-keeper Onelia Pin in the Alpine foothills of North East Italy. Aromas are of chestnut, honey, cappuccino, white chocolate, dark fruits, vibrant fresh peel. The mouthfeel is velvety and rich, with notes of coffee, chocolate, liquorice and hazelnuts with warming alcohol, cocoa and a little peat in the finish. Bracia can be cellared for a good few years. Its flavours will evolve, so why not enjoy the experience of opening a bottle every once in a while?

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