New Bottles From Chorlton.

“More new bottles? But didn’t you just get in about 30 odd from Belgium and the US and stuff?”

That’s what you’re thinking isn’t it? Of course it is! But y’know, we generally can’t resist any opportunity to get in some new, delicious, exciting beers! Our latest batch come from Chorlton Brewing Company from over Manchester way, who are specialists in sours! And here’s what we have:

AHTANUM SOUR – 5.8% – 33CL – £3.90
A tang-tastic lemon one off special sour brew. It’s their most extreme sour yet, brewed with Ahtanum hops from the US. The Ahtanum have a citrus and floral character much like cascade with the addition of some piney or earth notes.

CITRA SOUR – 5.2% – 33CL – £3.90
A fantastic mix of a sour beer and a hoppy pale ale, this beer uses the Citra hop — a US hop variety with a huge citrus characteristic. Strong citrus and tropical tones of grapefruit, melon, lime, gooseberry, passion fruit and lychee beautifully complement the dry, crisp tart characteristic of this medium-bodied sour beer.

SANDALWOOD ALE – 6.7% – 33CL – £4.20
A celebration of the best ingredients from around the world: a blend of Vienna and Maris Otter malts, married with New World hop varieties, and a traditional Brtish yeast strain. Aged for a month on sandalwood from the forests of Karnataka.

WOODRUFF BERLINER – 3.8% – 33CL – £3.30
This beer is based on a traditional German Berliner Weisse and has been crafted with natural woodruff herb instead of the typical woodruff syrup shot.
This sour wheat real ale pours a cloudy golden colour with a thick white head. The nose has notes of hay, barnyard, dried grass with a bit of lemon. A crisp, tart lemony taste is complemented by twangy yoghurt and a refreshing dry finish. This medium-bodied beer is a unique easy drink.

YAKIMA SOUR – 6.5% – 33CL – £4.10
Based on the brewing traditions of Prussia and Saxony but given a modern hop treatment. This thirst quencher is fragrant, clean and mildly acidic. Hopped with Amarillo and Citra for mega aroma and minimal bitterness.

So there you go folks! Grab them while you can!!

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