Well, lots of machines outside the pub today, Merton Street being resurfaced. Now, if you walk up from Town via the Bus Station subway, you will be forgiven to think that you can’t get here, but you can (just). If you take the official route through the subway you can walk in from the Bust Station entrance and walk back out in a horseshoe route to the council offices (or vice versa) as the route up near the new sports centre has a barrier across it – actually it has been moved now, everyone is ignoring it. There are no diversion signs for pedestrians, that would be too bloody helpful. Either come through the barriers (there are no signs to say you can’t), and there are no warning signs!!! – or go up via the road between the Sikh Temple and the fire station and walk round the long route. If you’re driving, it’s probably best to park in the town centre, don’t try to use Springwood car park. You should also be able to get in by foot from the park side or Springwood car park. Hopefully they should be finished by late afternoon, but what they they finish I believe is classified. Good luck, I think we’re in for a quiet afternoon customer wise.

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