Maisel & Friends

We have had a hell of a lot of new bottles in lately, but lets break them up into installments for you all!

Introducing, a few new bottles from Maisel & Friends. Maisel’s Brauerei are based in Bayreuth, Germany and are famous for their Maisel’s Weiss, which you may or may not have had. It seems they have had some chums over to brew their own recipes, and those are the bottles we have for you! Available are the following:


  • Jeff’s Bavarian Ale – 7.1% – 75cl – 8.50
    • An interpretation of the classic Bavarian wheat beer, but with more hops and a fruity, spicy finish.


  • Marc’s Chocolate Bock – 7.5% – 75cl – 8.50
    • A robust beer of deep, dark color with an aroma of roasted malt combined with the taste of sweet caramel, delicious dark chocolate notes and a hint of wild berries.


  • Stefan’s Indian Ale – 7.3% – 75cl – 8.50
    • Interpretation of a traditional India Pale Ale, with a pleasant dose of bitterness and a fresh, fruity taste. Inspiring and exotic. Surprises with citrus notes and floral nuances and finishes with hints of wild honey and caramelized malt.

The best thing about this lovely lot is that they come in massive bottles, perfect for sharing with your pals!



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