Look Over Here, More Beer!

Our fridges are now bursting at their seams because we’ve gone and done it again…yep, we’ve ordered even more bottles. Why? Because we love you all so much. (But because we want to try them ourselves too) We’ve raided the UK, Denmark, Belgium, and The Netherlands for the finest tipple we could find. Have a look!


Blaugies Biere (Dour-Blaugies) – Darbyste – 75cl, 5.8%, £8.50

This ones a bit odd (in a good way), it’s got fig juice in it! Tangy, tart fruits with hints of dates, figs, herbs and sweet malts with a slight acidic edge to it.

Boon (Lembeek) – Faro – 25cl, 4.0% £2.60

Sweet lamic. A beer of spontaneous fermentation, made by the blending of ’Meerts’ beer and old Lambics. The light-brown colour, as well as the sweet-sour character, are due to the addition of candisyrup before bottling.


Brewdog (Scotland) – Abstrakt AB:14 – 37.5cl, 10.2%, £14.50

Oak aged Imperial Weizenbock. Expect a big, bold mouth-feel backed by some powerful banana, caramel, toffee, vanilla and spicy hits woven together with some classic weizen notes. All balanced by an eclectic yet bizarrely balanced variety of hops from America (Simcoe) the Czech (Saaz) and the UK (Bramling Cross). The beer is at 10.2% ABV and has been aged on toasted French oak chips. As close to bannoffee pie as a beer can taste. Seriously.

Brewdog – Abstrakt AB:16 – 37.5cl, 10.6%, £14.50

Quadrupel, Flavours of dried fruits with caramel malty sweetness and hints of spice on the finish. Sounds quite Christmasy actually, why not treat yourself and/or a significant other?

Brewdog – Abstrakt AB:17 – 37.5cl, 10.9%, 14.50%

Rye imperial porter with triple Hasbean coffee addition and vanilla. Get yourself sat in front of the fire and expect flavours of chocolate, coffee, molasses and tobacco, you lucky devils!

Brewdog – Dead Pony Club (Can) – 33cl, 3.8%, £2.50

Dry, hoppy pale ale with zesty grapefruit aromas and pine. The perfect train beer at a reasonable price. (Please don’t fall asleep and miss your stop though!)

Brewdog – Hello My Name is Konichiwa Kitsune – 33cl, 8.2%, £4.50

Double IPA with punchy new world hops bring orange, grapefruit and lime to back up the yuzu aroma and flavour. Super citrusy with big mandarin notes, balanced against a caramel malt biscuity base.

Brewdog – Jackhammer – 33cl, 7.2%, £3.80

IPA, A piney aroma with some orange, grapefruit fruitiness, flavours of citrus and shrubs with some maltiness in the back. Pretty damn tasty!

Brewdog – Punk IPA (Can) – 33cl, 5.6%, £2.90

Brewdog’s flagship IPA freshly packed in can form. The amazingly juicy hops give off an explosion of tropical fruity flavours and a sharp bitterness to boot. Hey, cans are cool now right?

Brodies (London) – Kiwi IPA, 33cl, 7.2%, £3.80

Well hopped pale ale with plenty of kiwi/grapefruit bitterness and soft lychee notes. Ends with a fruit, malty, alcohol warmth.


Mikkeller (Copenhagen) – I Wish (Gluten Free) – 33cl, 5.5%, £4.80

We don’t want those those who are intolerant to gluten to miss out on the sweet, sweet nectar that is beer, so we’ve added this gem to our gluten free range! Soft peach and passion fruit flavours with bready malt flavours and pine.


De Molen (Bodegraven) – Citra – 33cl, 4.8%, £2.60

We’ve had this before but you lot snaffled them all up. So really it would be rude not to stock them again! Super crisp and refreshing with plenty of juicy citra hops that give it a fruity, grassy kick. I know it’s Christmas but you can’t drink imperial stouts all day!

De Molen Rasputin (Bourbon Barrel Aged) – 33cl, 11.4%, £7.50

Wow, well, this certainly is a biddybadboy of a beer…imperial stout aged in bourbon, loads of coffee, vanilla and chocolate with hints of wood and a bitter sweet finish. Surprisingly drinkable too! To be aged if you’re not too impatient like us!

Da Prael/Oedipus (Amsterdam) – Rubberen Robbie – 33cl, 6.7%, £4.50

Porter, Straight off the bat there’s loads of charred wood aromas and dried fruits. Flavours of nutty and smoked malts come through with hints of sweetness and coffee bitterness.

Emelisse (Kamperland) – Innovation Serie: Creme Brulee Stout – 33cl, 8.0%, £4.90

All the staff are going nuts for this one. It’s exactly what it says on the tin. Plenty of vanilla, cocoa, caramel and milky sweetness. If this isn’t a dessert beer then I don’t know what is!

Het Uiltje (Haarlem) – Flaming Ass Owl – 33cl – 9.7%, £5.50

Imperial porter brewed with Trinidad Scorpion Chillies! Classic porter flavours of coffee and liquorice pave the way for a peppery, spicy chilli kick. Not for the faint hearted!

Het Uiltje – Mind Your Step – 33cl, 14.5%, £7.50

You really will have to mind your step after this, because this bad boy is 14.5%. However there’s a twist…it’s brewed with cranberries! Very complex with notes of berries, wood, spice and roastiness. It has a port like boozy finish with a very pleasant oily mouthfeel. Outstanding.

Kaapse (Rotterdam) – Gozer – 33cl, 9.8%, £4.50

Imperial stout with plenty of oaty/biscuit and dark fruit flavours. Loads of milk chocolate and liquorice comes through with a long lasting coffee bitterness.

Well, there you have it folks!

Merry Christmas,

The Grove Team


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