Londons Calling

Ey up beer geeks. Ian has driven down to London and picked up some joy in the form of beer.

For the first time ever we have got “Brew By Numbers” in bottles. We hand picked a four that we thought you would enjoy including a 5.5% Citra Saison and a 6.1% stout.

We also picked some Fourpure in keg. A new brewery from south east London in Bermondsey. I’m sure the IPA and Stout will be cracking additions to our bar.

We thought it was about time we stocked up our Partizan and Kernel bottles, so we did just that. Ask at the bar for our latest additons.

We even had time to stop off at Leyton to pick up a few Brodies casks/kegs including a black coffee chinook IPA plus a few customer favourites!

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