The Grove Grill – Vol.IV

From the people who brought you: – The Grove Grill – Vol. I– The Grove Grill – Vol. II – The Grove Grill – Vol. III


We all like a sunny day in the beer garden, with a lovely cold, refreshing beer in hand, don’t we? Of course we do. But what if this idealistic view of a summer day could get even better? WELL IT CAN.

Presenting… *drumroll* …THE GROVE GRILL – VOL IV

Throughout the summer we will be having a series of parties in the beer garden featuring the best of hand-picked local street food, musicians and artists.

Confirmed so far –



Dapur Malaysia cook authentic Malay food in a traditional style, passed down through the family. Malaysia’s unique food heritage reflects its multicultural roots (Malay, Chinese and Indian). We can’t wait to taste it!


GX2 )

Welcoming back Gx2! ‘Forged from moorland and stone’, Gx2 is one of Huddersfield’s most exciting current artists, creating dreamlike and conceptual work using a varied array of mediums.


Jaypee is a Leeds based artist and illustrator creating unusual and striking characters in his very distinct and unique pen style.


John Pearson is a Leeds based illustrator. His precise and unique black and grey linework style often depicts a mixture of animals, humans and skeletal imagery.



The Shabbycats are a unique acoustic duo specializing in popular songs from the 20s, 30s, 40 & 50s using a mixture of accordions, guitars, ukuleles, harmonicas and vocals.


Daniel plays finger-style acoustic, rock, blues, indie and others. Expect a range of covers and original tracks to please your ears!


Alice will be joining us as a solo artist, playing spectacular acoustic music which defies genre definition. A real acoustic delight!

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