The Grove Grill – Vol. II

We all like a sunny day in the beer garden, with a lovely cold, refreshing beer in hand, don’t we? Of course we do. But what if this idealistic view of a summer day could get even better? WELL IT CAN.

Presenting… *drumroll* …THE GROVE GRILL – VOL II

Throughout the summer we will be having a series of parties in the beer garden featuring the best of hand-picked local street food, musicians and artists.

Confirmed so far –



The Greedy Pig are a well known eatery from Leeds town centre. Their food often features – you guessed it – PIG! With their varied menus of the past, including nose to tail tapas, using every bit of the pig, we can’t wait to see what these guys bring to the table!


Also in the beer garden, we will have ‘live art’ unfolding before your very eyes! Introducing:

QUARTS CREW ( Quarts )

This recently developed Leeds art collective have some big names from the street art world behind them. At The Grove Grill – Vol. II we will be featuring:


CBLOXX is a West Yorkshire based street artist, hailing from Huddersfield. She has been part of some huge projects and received critical acclaim as one of the worlds greatest female graffiti artists.

GX2 )

Welcoming back Gx2! ‘Forged from moorland and stone’, Gx2 is one of Huddersfield’s most exciting current artists, creating dreamlike and conceptual work using a varied array of mediums.


Jaypee is a Leeds based artist and illustrator who creates incredibly detailed and often creepy characters and creatures. This man’s precision with a pen is mesmerising to watch as his surreal situations unfold on canvas.


Tommings is another Leeds based artist and illustrator who works with sublimely crafted characters. Tommings’ characters have a surreal and almost cartoon like appearance, with an injection of darkness spreading though their core.



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