Dalston Cola Has Arrived Up North (and Raw Fiyah! Ginger Beer and Real Lemonade!)

Just arrived from The Smoke, three new products from @DalstonCola

Dalston Cola! Spice & citrus infusion with real cola nuts.
An original cola with a powerful kick. Made with juiced lemon, lime and orange juices, sultanas, fresh ginger root, nutmeg, cinnamon, star anise, lavender, and of course – bundles of fresh cola nuts. 100% natural, free from sulphites.

Real Lemonade! With quality sugars and a hint of spice.
Exactly that. Made from fresh juiced lemons. 100% natural. Free from sulphites.

Raw Fiyah! Made with fresh ginger, sugar, citrus and spices.
Spicy fiery ginger beer with fresh root ginger, juiced lemon and lime. 100% natural. Free from sulphites.

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