A Veritable Plethora of New Bottled Beers!

So, yesterday we promised you information on the masses of new bottled beers that we have in stock. Here is that very information! From left to right (no political pun intended) we have:

DE GRAAL ‘GEMBER’ – 8.0% – 33cl – £4.50
Gember is a blonde beer, spiced with ginger. It has notes of honey, pepper, lime and, of course, ginger. The ginger is not over done and gives a nice dry finish.

RAMSES BIER ‘HOP’ – 6.6% – 33cl – £3.90
Hop is a fresh and hoppy California Common style beer, single hopped with NZ Pacific Jade Hops and fermented with lager yeast.

Imperial porter with aromas of roasted malts, coffee, chocolate, liquorice, dried fruits. The flavour is roasted malts, coffee, milk chocolate, wood, dark fruits and some warming booziness.

STRUISE ‘RIO RESERVA’ – 11.0% – 33cl – £6.50
a Belgian dark golden blond quadrupel with enormous aromas and flavors, and added complexity due to oak barrel aging. Bourbon barels from Kentucky were chosen due to their very special soft roast quality and noble vanilla flavors.

JOPEN ‘ONGELOVIGE THOMAS’ – 10.0% – 33cl – £4.50
Doubting Thomas (aka Ongelovige Thomas) is Jopen’s interpretation of a quadrupel. A distinct beer with rich malt as the main flavour. The difference with this quadrupel is the American hops, which give it a fruity character.

BREWDOG ‘BOURBON BABY’ – 5.9% – 33cl – £3.90
A baby Scotch ale aged in bourbon barrels. The Scotch ale base is light bodied and low ABV, and brings toasted shortcake and blossom honey flavours; the barrel ageing adds a demonic, dark vanilla twist. Rich brown sugar, hints of smoke, spiced fruit, chocolate and raisins are just some of the multitude of flavours that have developed.

BREWDOG ‘TACTICAL NUCLEAR PENGUIN’ – 32.0% – 37.5cl – £65.00
This beer began life as Brewdog Paradox, which was aged for 9 months in a speyside cask and then 9 months in a smokehead cask. It was then taken to an ice cream factory and frozen over the course of 2 weeks, then the non frozen liquid was drained off. Came out at 32% and at time of release was the strongest beer in the world.

BREWDOG ‘SINK THE BISMARCK!’ – 41.0% – 37.5cl – £85.00
Sink the Bismarck! is a quadruple IPA that contains four times the hops, four times the bitterness and frozen four times to create at a staggering 41% ABV. Kettle hopped, dry hopped then freeze hopped for a deep fruit, resinous and spicy aroma.

Imperial stout brewed with raspberries and aged in brandy barrels.

OERSOEP ‘WILD AT HEART’ – 5.5% – 75cl – £12.50
A soft sultry interpretation of a Flemish Red. A scent of cherries, strawberries and farm life. A fine taste of sour cherries, wine, red fruits and vanilla from the wood. Light tannins from ageing in an oak barrel.

OERSOEP ‘BRETTALICIOUS’ – 5.0% – 75cl – £12.50
Saison Brewed with wild yeast. A creamy, fresh and dry beer. On the nose, grapefruit, melon, flowers and herbs with flavour notes of grapefruit, mango, melon and pineapple.

MIKKELLER ‘SPONTANWHITEGRAPE’ – 7.7% – 37.5cl – £11.50
Sour ale brewed with Riesling grapes & aged in oak barrels.

MIKKELLER ‘SARBO’ – 6.2% – 33cl – £5.50
Belgian style beer brewed with Dragelykke tea and using brettanomyces yeast.

DE MOLEN ‘GROOT & STERK’ – 10.7% – 33cl – £5.90
Barley Wine brewed with smoked malts and chilli for a smooth, smoky, spicy character.

DE MOLEN ‘LENTEHOP’ – 6.2% – 33cl – £3.50
IPA brewed with Czech and US hops – Premiant, Saaz, Columbus and Cascade.

WILD BEER ‘NINKASI PREMIER CRU’ – 10.0% – 33cl – £6.90 (Not Pictured)
Beer brewed with apples and wild yeast for a hint of funky sourness and then aged in cider brandy barrels. The cider brandy flavours naturally combine beautifully with the apple flavours in the beer and the farmyard brettanomyces character in the beer has become more dominant.


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