50 Shades of Ale

Peruse the board with hungry eyes. They’re sure to settle on something that makes the mouth water in anticipation. The bar man is your friend, he’s here to help you get your hands on that very thing. Breathe in the scent of the sweet nectar as it pours forth from the tap. Your lips quiver, you can’t wait for the amber liquid to pass into your waiting mouth. As it does, a shiver of pleasure runs through your body. You can’t wait for more. There’s plenty more. All for you. Take it.

– ’50 Shades of Ale’ by Jason Booth.

So, tonight we have the bluegrass band in at 8.30, grooving and swinging away until late. To go with that wonderful music there’s all this beer! Fresh ones are thus:

Durham ‘Black Bishop’ Stout
Hawkshead / Lervig ‘7’ Green Juniper and Hemp Double IPA
Rooie Dop ‘Daily Grind’ Coffee Porter

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