We Are Busy Beer Bees!

We are always looking to expand our range of beer, which already consists of many weird and wonderful treats from around the globe. This week we have done just that.

Beavertown Gamma Ray, (330ml can, 5.4%, 3.30) Big, hoppy and fresh. Loads of American juicy hops added in ever increasing amounts at end of the boil and in the fermenter to give huge flavours of citrus fruits and pine.

Beavertown Neck Oil , (330ml can, 4.3%, 2.90) Ripe citrus and juicy aromas sit on a crisp, pale malt backbone. What it lacks in strength it certainly makes up for in flavour. This is truly an all day IPA

Beavertown Smog Rocket, (330ml can, 5.4%, 3.50) A nod to the smokey porters and stouts of the Industrial Revolution. A delightfully light yet complex beer with a big smooth, satisfying smokiness.

Beavertown Black Betty, (330ml can, 7.4%, 3.90) A big fat contridiction, jet black but light and hoppy in flavour. A heavy handed use of american hops and german malt. A big, complex, stinky Black IPA!

Beavertown Applelation (660ml, 8.7%, 9.90) A crisp, sparkling saison, brewed using Chegworth Valley apples that add a sweet tartness. Perfect to share with friends.

Left Hand Milk Stout (330ml, 6.0%, 3.50) Milk sugar in your stout is like cream in your coffee. Lots of rich chocolate coffee flavours balanced with a sweet, smooth body.

Viven Porter (330ml, 7.0%, 3.90) A big robust porter with American bittering hops. Plenty of roasted malts and smoke paired with rich dark malts, earthiness and a smooth, long lasting bitter finish.

Rooie Dop 24/7 Session Ale, (330ml, 4.9%, 2.90) A combination of new and old world hops to balance it out creates a clean, very drinkable and hoppy session IPA

De Molen Braggot Brett, (330ml, 8.5%, 6.80) A mead style beer with brett yeast, barrel aged in Wild Turkey barrels and lagered with pine honey. Tangy, sweet fruits with strong honey notes and wood.

De Molen Bommen & Granaten, (330ml, 15.2%, 6.60) A elegant barley wine described as a dessert beer. Champagne yeast with plenty of fruits such as oranges, tangerines and sweet apples. Powerful and full bodied but still easy going.

Poppyland On The Edge (375ml, 7.0%, 6.50) Dry hopped saison. We realise some of our customers can’t consume gluten. Not wanting to shut people out of our beery castle, we have bought some more gluten free beer. Light floral, marmalade flavours, subtle spice and a dry bitter finish

Rogue Farms Marionberry Braggot, (660ml, 11.42%, 13.50) Another mead style beer joins our ranks. Brewed with their own grown marionberries, hops and barley. They even went so far as keeping their own bees to produce the honey needed for this beer. Expect lots of ripe berries and honey with a wine like tartness and warm boozy finish.

Right folks, enjoy your weekend!

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