Rogue Spirits Let Loose On The Bar

Right spirit fans, I have a treat for you. It so happens that Rogue Brewery from America also produce spirits, some of which are made from beer .*gasp* We personally think this is downright awesome so we gave it a whirl. Here’s what we have for you.

Chatoe Oregon Whiskey – Made from locally sourced ingredients and home grown malts. Expect soft mango and peach flavours, hints of honey and spice on the finish. (40%, 3.20 per 25ml.)

Dead Guy Whiskey – Distilled from the same 3 malts as their award winning beer “Dead Guy Ale”. Loads of citrus fruits such as orange on the nose followed by malty sweet aromas. Loads of honey and oak flavours pave the way for a vanilla finish. (40%, 2.90 per 25ml)

Chipotle Spirit – This is actually distilled from Rogues “Chipotle Ale”. On the nose you should be getting sweet citrus and subtle spiciness. This clear spirit is light bodied and has flavour of lush malt sweetness and a bold lingering finish of smoked Jalapenos. Yum! (40%, 3.00 per 25ml)

Spruce Gin –  Every batch is made with hand peeled cucumbers so a whole lot of love went into this! Loads of juniper and citrus notes  on the nose with flavours of fresh, yet dry cucumber and tangerine. We also have a pink version of this because why the hell not? It is actually different though. aged in Pinot Noir barrels for 4-6 months really adds oak and fruity qualities. (45%, 2.90 per 25ml)

Hazelnut Spice Rum – Made with actual hazelnuts you should gets loads straight away on the nose. A sweet blend of vanilla, cinnamon and cloves set the stage for an oaky, bourbon like finish! Sounds like it would be ace in puddings (40%, 2.90 per 25ml)

Dark Rum – It starts of with roasty toffee and sugar aromas. The flavour should have very distinct layers of nuttiness, spice and sweet oak. (40%, 2.90 per 25ml)

Right ladies and gents, hope you enjoy them and have a thumping good weekend!



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