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Each Week

Tuesday from 8pm Tom Beaumont, playing solo guitar covers with some improvisational expertise.

Thursday from 8.30pm Our resident Irish band, playing a huge range of Irish folk music on traditional instruments, through to the end of the night.

Each Month

First Sunday from 4pm Adrian Ingram’s ever popular Jazz Dawgs, playing Jazz classics.

First Monday from 8.30pm The White Rose English folk music session, played on traditional acoustic instruments.

Second Wednesday from 8.30pm The Shady Grove Players playing foot-stomping bluegrass on traditional instruments.

Second Saturday from 1-7pm Hot food from a local food vendor. This could be anything from pie to malaysian curry and will always feature a vegetarian option.

Third Sunday from 4pm The Shabbycats, a duo playing classics from the 20s, 30s, 40s & 50s on traditional instruments.

Third Monday from 8.30pm Enoch’s Hammer, playing English folk music on traditional instruments.

Fourth Saturday from 1-7pm Hot food from Sav’s BBQ Pit. Serving pulled pork, pulled chicken and multi-bean chilli either in a wrap or on nachos, with salad and home-made slaw.

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  1. Wanda Dobson


    I need to stay over in or near Skelmansthorpe at least once a month, usually on a Sunday. Please advise what your fees would be for this.

    Many thanks

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